Frequently Asked Questions about OnCell

Do I need to be a programmer to create a mobile tour app with the OnCell App Builder?

Absolutely not. Anyone can use the OnCell App Builder. In fact, it’s the first mobile app platform built specifically for non-technical users. Anyone on your staff can create, update and manage a tour, from curators and tour guides to interns.

What types of tours can you create with OnCell?

The possibilities are endless! There have been some incredible mobile tour apps created with the OnCell App Builder, including: museum tours, virtual neighborhood tours for realtors, city tour apps, tours of parks and gardens, campus virtual tours, and more!

How long does it take to create a tour?

That’s up to you. OnCell Builder allows you to upload photos, text, audio, video and even custom maps. If you have everything ready to go, you could launch your tour in a single afternoon on our drag-and-drop platform. But you can feel free to take your time and even test your tour app out on your own mobile device to ensure that it’s perfect.

I don’t want to create a tour on my own. Can you create it for me?

Yes. We have a team that can put your tour together in just a few weeks. Click here for more information on plans and pricing.

Not all visitors have smartphones. How can we reach non-smartphone visitors?

You’re right. But the explosive growth of smartphones is stunning. Nonetheless, if you want to make your app accessible to every visitor, we offer a unique solution: the OnCell Checkout System.

You create a tour and we set you up a complete system of programmed iPods® (optimized for visitor use) and a multi-iPod® charging and storage dock. It’s a perfect visitor solution that allows you to make your tour available to absolutely everyone—the next step in mobile tour technology.

You can also arrange to add a tour phone number to any app. Users can dial in with any type of phone and listen to your audio content for your points of interest.

Can I test out OnCell for free?

Yes! You can build your mobile tour app for free for 60 days. Even better, during this time you can do real-world testing of your app on a limited number of smartphones to ensure it looks and functions exactly as you wish.

What is included in a OnCell subscription?

You get a highly dynamic, super-interactive web app. It works on any Internet-enabled smartphone no matter the operating system (Apple® iOS®, Android®, Blackberry®, etc.). You get 24/7 access to the OnCell content management system, which gives you complete control of your app, plus unlimited updates, multi-language support, robust analytics, and more. You can also have an unlimited number of people using your app.

Can you make my OnCell app into a native iOS or Android app?

Absolutely. Check out our plans for more details. We offer native iOS and Android® app options, where we convert your OnCell web app and handle the complete iTunes® store and Google Play® submission process, all app compliance issues and app store communication.

What are native apps?

Native apps are those that are available for download from the App Store and Google Play. The contents of your app are downloaded directly onto the visitor's device. OnCell takes care of all the red tape involved with submitting your app to the app stores.

What exactly is a web app?

Web apps are accessible via a unique URL and work on all web-enabled smartphones and tablets. They require WiFi or cellular connectivity as they are instantly available to visitors–no downloads are necessary. With web apps, visitors use their own devices to access your app.

What are the benefits of providing an app?

Mobile apps enhance the visitor experience by offering consistent educational and wayfinding content. The app also allows your visitors to explore your site at their own pace, regardless of time or day. You can also use apps to collect data with surveys, accept donations, and connect with visitors long after they've left your site using push notifications.

What type of content can I put in my app?

OnCell apps support a variety of content, including text, images, galleries, interactive images, audio, and video. You can also include location-aware features such as GPS maps, geo-based alerts, and beacons. Other options include social media, surveys, mobile giving, and RSS feeds. What you choose is up to you! Every app is different based on your goals and resources available.

What if I sign up for a OnCell subscription but decide to cancel it?

We can work with you to temporarily pause or cancel your subscription.

Can I pay in a lump sum instead of monthly?

Absolutely. Payments can also be set up for auto-pay with a credit card. Contact us to do so.